Weight Reduction Research

So we all know there is 3 key ingredients to making a car fast, weight reduction, big power and traction. The lighter the car is, the better it handles (usually) the faster it stops and the faster it goes as it does not require the same amount of power that a heavy car does to get going.

Since I’m in the crazy weight reduction phase myself (you can read my current weight reduction methods here) I’ve decided to compile all my research regarding lightweight parts that you can buy on this page.

I’ll be adding to this page in the future as I compile the weight comparisons of different parts.

Let’s start with racing seats:


Reclining Seats

R100: 26.9 lbs

Chrono Road: 33 lbs

R505: 34.6 lbs

R700A: 35 lbs

R700P: 35 lbs

Out of the reclining seats that Sparco sells, the R100 model is not only the cheapest seat money wise, but it is the lightest weight recliner that they sell.

Fixed Back Seats

Speed2: 16.8 lbs

Fighter: 16.0 lbs

Out of the fixed back “street seats” available from sparco, their Fighter seat is the lightest weight option.

Competition (Fixed Back Seats)

Sprint V: 18.7 lbs

REV: 15.9 lbs

EVO: 12.6 lbs in carbon fiber

EVO: 19 lbs for fiberglass version

Pro 2000 II: 19 lbs for fiberglass version

Pro 2000 II: 13.7 lbs carbon fiber version

EVO III: 19.6 lbs

EVO II US: 19 lbs

EVO II: 19 lbs

Corsa: 20.5 lbs

Ergo: N/A

Circuit: 21.2 lbs Fiberglass version

Circuit: 13.5 lbs carbon fiber version

Pro ADV: 24.8 lbs

Circuit II: 24 lbs

S-Light: 13 lbs

The lightest weight competition fixed back racing seat from Sparco is their EVO carbon Fiber version seat which weighs in at 12.6 lbs


Reclining Seats

A4: 26 lbs

CR1: 27 lbs

LG1: 26 lbs

TRS: 27/28 lbs depending on the width of the seat

VX2000: 32 lbs

GTS II: 27 lbs

Sport Seat: 29.5 lbs

Moab: 24 lbs

Baja RS: 28 lbs

Baja XRS: 27 lbs

The Moab seat is Corbeau’s lightest weight reclining seat.

FIA seats

Forza Sport: 26 lbs

Sprint: 17/18.5 lbs depending on seat width

Pro Series: 19/20.5 lbs depending on seat width

The Sprint is the lightest weight FIA seat that corbeau carries.

Fixed Back Seats

Classic II: 21 lbs

Classic Bucket: 15 lbs

Clubman: 18 lbs

FX1 pro: 19/20 lbs depending on seat width

Pro Series: 19/20.5 lbs

Forza: 19/21 lbs depending on seat width

RXP Rhino: 16/17 lbs depending on seat width

Baja XP: 23 lbs

Baja Ultra: 16/17 lbs depending on seat width

Baja SS: 15 lbs

Baja JP: 17/18 lbs depending on seat width

Baja low back 17 lbs

The Classic bucket and the Baja SS seat are the two lightest weight seats that are offered as fixed back seats from corbeau. I’ll admit, the Baja seats are an off-roading suspension seat, and it suprises me that they are that light. This makes me question possibly putting them into the race car that can be somewhat of a harsh ride at times with rod end suspension and crappy roads.


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  1. Jayasurya
    August 8, 2016 at 11:21 am

    I am looking for lightweight carbon fibre seats that weighs less than 1.5kgs. Is that available in the market? If so I want to know the details. Thank You.

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