Weight Reduction

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How much does this weigh? how much does that weigh? Power-to-weight ratio this power-to-weight ratio that. I want to get the camaro down to sub 3000 lbs with me in it while still maintaining the safety of the vehicle.

Let me explain the uniqueness of this weight reduction, all safety pieces of the car must remain intact and untouched. This means things like the airbags, crash bars, bumper supports, door bars that people typically cut/remove to shave weight, have to remain in place.

Here is a growing list of this ongoing project. I have already deleted the following (with no picture) AC, ABS, EGR, Spare tire and jack, insulation under the carpets, insulation and vapor barrier behind the door skins, motor mount lifts, front swaybar/mounts, insulation under the hood, most of the rubber insulation on the firewall, most heat shields, and miscellaneous screws that I could do without.

Here is a snapshot of my on going progress to get a little creative. I’ve made myself a challenge to cut/remove another 100lbs out of the car without touching safety pieces mentioned above.


Camaro window bracket drilled

By the time I was done with the bracket, I think I came close to halfing the metal that was used and it was still plenty strong. You’ll break the window with pressure before you break the bracket.

Factory Camaro Door

This is what the door pretty much looked like in stock form. That black goo crap takes a lot to get it off. A gasket scraper, heat gun, and goo be gone are your best friend here. Just don’t get the black crap on your skin once you’ve heated it up, it burns like a b*tch, trust me.

Camaro door cleaned up

This is the door after all that other stuff has been removed. You’ll notice I finally got to use my hole saw and made a nice cut through the window regulator.

Camaro window regulator

Added a few more holes to the regulator. You can feel a difference when you crank the window up and down now. It feels lighter and much smoother.

Camaro door hole sawed

This is where I have left off on the door for the time being. Several hole saw cuts added into the fiber glass. Note that on the passenger side I will not be cutting the fiber glass like I did here. It made too much of a mess, and despite my best efforts to clean it up somehow I got it on my back and stomach and I am ready to carve my own skin off.

Camaro hood support hole sawed

Now here is the fun part. This is the driver side hood support bracket hole sawed out to shave weight

Passenger side hood support

Passenger side hood support hole sawed

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