Turtle Wax Dash & Glass Foam Cleaner

So Turtle wax head office sent us down a number of products to test out and one of those was their Turtle wax Dash & Glass Foam Cleaner. Now I’m a guy and I am not trying to be sexist when I say this, and ladies you can laugh all you want, but, I can’t clean windows if my life depended on it! I mean I can, but I can’t. Last time I tried to clean windows with a Windex bottle or some of the automotive glass cleaner wipes, the windows looked great during the day and then all of a sudden I was holding on for dear life at night trying not to crash the car from the glare off of the streaks…Some of you just have a magic technique that works and Lord knows I can’t be the only one with this kind of trouble- so needless to say I didn’t have high expectations for this spray foam.
Turtle wax advertises that you can use this stuff on tech screens, dashboards and that it is streak free for glass. I used it on 3 things:

  • Windows: This was a double whammy of a test for this stuff, not only was I looking for streaks, but, I used this on my Jeep where most of the summer it spends its time with the top off and trekking through muddy trails. Before I wiped my window down I ran my finger along the inside and I had residue caked on my finger it was that bad. Jeeps that off-road are tough to keep clean especially when you keep the doors and top off! That being said, I have not used something as simple and easy as this stuff. I sprayed it on, wiped it off with a paper towel then ran a microfiber towel over the glass to wipe up excess moisture as they suggest and I didn’t have a single streak. That is a first ever for me (and I’ll admit I feel a little proud). I also thought with the residue on the window from all of the off-roading that I would have to clean the window twice or more- nope. One time, spray it, wipe it, done. No streaks. If that isn’t a 5/5 for a window cleaning product I don’t know what is.
  • Rear view Mirror: Similar to the windows, I sprayed it on, wiped it off, and ran a micro cloth over it to grab any excess and the mirror looked like it just came out of the factory. Crystal clear.
  • Dash: I sprayed a little bit of this on the top dash of the Jeep close to the window as I was concerned I would not be able to use the other cleaner in that area without getting it onto the glass (which Turtle Wax recommends against). It certainly cleans, but it doesn’t give the dash that deep luscious look that their Interior Cleaner & Protectant does. All in all it does its job to clean the dash, but I do feel that there are other products I would invest in before this if you are just looking to clean your dash and not do the windows.

The spray nozzle on the top shoots out the foam fairly uniform and mist like, which is important because there are two things I hate 1) when an aerosol can doesn’t spray and 2) when it squirts like a water gun. This does neither and gives you a fine but strong foam mist.
They sent me a 19oz can which I am assuming that is what you would buy in stores. It is a pretty big can. I generally clean my windows twice a year and I would expect the can to last me a good couple years or more at a minimum. So to me, this is money well spent and I will certainly buy another can when I finish going through this one.

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