The EPA and future of modding vehicles

As some of you may or may not have heard, the EPA has put forward a proposal that threatens to kill the aftermarket world as we know it.

Previously it has always been illegal to tamper with emissions equipment on a vehicle. There has always been a small percentage of individuals in the hobby of modding or sport of racing and off-roading that have found ways around doing so, but to their own risk and penalties if caught. It has always been a game of cat and mouse.

However, with the new proposal the EPA is putting into effect, they are looking at specifically targeting suppliers who sell products that can alter a certified street vehicle, a certified engine, or the emissions equipment. Meaning, it will be illegal to sell any type of performance part such as heads/cam/intake/exhaust/etc whether or not it requires you to remove the emissions equipment on a vehicle or not. The EPA has set out fines of $37,500 USD per part that a supplier sells that fits a certified road vehicle. The title wave of this effect would destroy the aftermarket industry within a few years ruining the hobby for weekend enthusiasts to full-time dedicated amateur racers a like- not to mention the amount of job loss in the economy for the local race tracks, local businesses near the race tracks, all the aftermarket and performance shops etc- People that have used this sport/hobby as a foundation to their means to an end.

Now many of our readers are from different countries, notably the majority coming from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and the Philippines. Let me stress that just because this is a current issue in the USA, does not mean that it will not impact you in other countries. A large majority of the aftermarket modifications you buy for your vehicle come from or are developed by US companies.

I have never been one to ask people to sign a petition or any sort- but I strongly urge those of you who read this to sign the petition below and help take a voice in getting the EPA to withdraw its proposal; because if it goes through, even websites like this one will not have a purpose as the articles we write to help you, revolve around our hobby of modifying vehicles.

Petition link:

You can also visit SEMA’s website below to view the press release they have put out regarding the EPA’s proposal. Please help be a voice in protecting our sport/hobby.



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