Secret links

Everyone is always looking for performance secrets or something along the lines of an encyclopedia of good information for their vehicles. What you’ll find below is a list of all the places/sites that I have found to be extremely useful that might save you some headaches, some coin and some time.

We all find ourselves in need of some kind of used part from time to time. When you need to find a part and your local wrecking yard just won’t cut it, this link will give you access to every yard across the USA, Canada and Mexico. Need a new motor? New transmission? I bet I can locate them in the hundreds

For anyone located in Canada, it is no secret as to how much we get taken for when it comes to prices on parts. Then, when we order pieces from the USA we get dinged hard on brokerage fee’s etc. This place over in the U.S let’s you ship to their facility (near the border) and pickup your parts. It costs about $5 per package under 50lbs (read their website). I have saved insane amounts of money on shipping. (remember, shipping in the USA is usually free from many companies)

For the best information regarding anything F-body related, these two websites are hands down the best. I would not be half of where I am today with my car if I didn’t have the help of many of the individuals and information accessed on these two sites.

If you know of a website that is particularily helpful that should be added to this list, please let us know through our contact us page and we will add the link to the website here.

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