Turtle Wax Interior Cleaner & Protectant

Just like with the dash & Glass foam cleaner Turtle wax sent over, they provided me with their Turtle wax Interior Cleaner & Protectant as well. When it comes to testing out cleaning products in vehicles, you will be hard pressed to find something better than an off-roaded Jeep to do your testing on. Not only is the interior exposed to the elements with the top and doors off, it is also subjected mud / stains on trail runs.

This stuff as Turtle Wax explains is great for use on plastic and vinyl trim as well as leather seats among many other things and they tote about how it doesn’t leave a greasy residue. Prior to use I wiped everything down with warm water and a cloth, just because I am anal like that. I then opted to use the cleaner on the following things:

  • Dash – For ease of not making a mess, I sprayed the spray into a microfiber cloth and wiped/worked it into the door. You could right away see a luster brought back to the plastic and it wasn’t a “fake” kind of greasy looking shine either. Now, I am accustomed to using wipes in which I have found it hard to sometimes get a “uniform” style finish across all my dash pieces as I toy between my wipe drying up or being too wet from the start. I didn’t have that same issue with this spray going onto a microfiber cloth- which was nice because it made cleaning the dash pretty quick, painless and easy.
  • Leather Seats – I was weary on the outcome of using it on the leather seats. I HATE when my seats get sticky and have had issues with a variety of products in the past and usually like to stick with the meguiars wipes I have found to work well. This stuff from Turtle Wax really surprised me- it wiped on easy and removed water/mud spots on the leather that just water alone could not get rid of. It did make the leather a tiny bit more supple and it wiped on uniformly across the leather. After wiping the cleaner on it was not sticky or greasy at all. In fact, aside from looking nice and clean and having a bit of life put back into them you actually couldn’t tell that I had used anything on the seats at all. No slip/slide when you sat on them, no greasy or sticky feeling, just nice clean leather. I am pretty impressed with this stuff.
  • Console / Door Trims – I have a lot of dirt stains on my console and door trim. Dirt/sand likes to really cake its way into the crevices and nooks of the texture of my door skins and console. Typical scrubbing with a microfiber cloth was not enough to get the doors entirely clean as the texture really liked to hold that dirt in there. However, when I grabbed a soft bristle brush and lightly massaged the heavily caked areas with the cleaner, it pulled the dirt out and away pretty easily. I do have some sun fading at the top of my door trim but this didn’t do much in the way to correct that- however, in all fairness I don’t believe that is the purpose of this cleaner. So again, pretty impressed with how this product preformed and the wipes I have used in the past have limited me to not being able to scrub dirt out with a brush.

The spray nozzle on the bottle sprays just as it should, uniform and just the same as a windex style bottle. No malfunctions to date with the spray tip (which is a pet peeve of mine!)

All in all I am pretty impressed with Turtle wax’s Interior Cleaner & Protectant along with a few of their other interior cleaning products. They have come a long way from some of their older products I have used and I certainly will not hesitate to buy this stuff in the future when I need more. Kudos to them on this.

I few pictures of how my truck cleaned up below:


Clean Jeep Wrangler Interior

Interior cleaned up

Jeep Wrangler Dash Stains

Center Console greased up and stained (got it from a junk yard!)

Jeep Wrangler Dash Cleaned

Center console cleaned up


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