Turtle wax Ice Wash & Wax Review

As we get closer to spring cleaning time it only makes sense for us to do a Turtle Wax Ice Wash & Wax Review since they were kind enough to send us some product that we could sample.

The package is eye catching, they follow the same type of branding concept that Royal Purple took with their oil- Purple in colour makes it really stand out on the shelf. They advertise it as the best shining wash for cars and motorcycles. I will say the car absolutely shines after washing it with this stuff, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it shines any more than other car wash soaps I have used in the past like Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash and Shampoo. I will say the Turtle Wax Ice Wash & Wax is certainly cheaper in stores around me than the Meguiars soap, so that is a plus for me; but the end results are not distinguishable in my personal opinion to warrant one over the other. I can’t say much regarding the millions of other car wash soaps as these bottles are pretty big and usually last about 1.5 years washing the car once a week through spring / summer / fall.

I have one pet peeve when I wash my cars by hand and that is when soap doesn’t sud up well when I use it. I have used a few cheap soaps at buddies houses in the past while having a few beers and a little car meet…and some of them really sucked at producing suds and made me feel as if I was just washing the car with water. The cloth didn’t seem to glide nicely over the car at all. The Turtle Wax Ice Wash & Wax certainly suds up nicely and really gives you the impression that you are cleaning your vehicle- and the easy glide with the cloth makes me less concerned about scratches to the paint. No scratches on the paint means I can leave my How-to fix scratches guide to collect some dust for now.

Turtle Wax advertises their Ice Wash & Wax as producing a spot free shine on every surface. Let me say this- if you don’t dry your vehicle after washing it, expect spots. Even while drying the car I could see spots forming in the heat of summer. Give them a wipe with a dry or mildly damp cloth as you dry the car off and they do go away…but don’t get roped into thinking you can buy this car wash, wash the car down, rinse it off and walk away with it shining. You still have to dry the car at the end of the wash, if you need tips on how to properly wash and dry your car for the best shine and no swirl marks regardless of the soap you use, visit our how to properly wash your car page.

All in all, I am happy with their new Ice Wash- as long as it remains the cheaper of the name brand car washes I would continue to buy it and use it without hesitation. But, it isn’t a magical formula that I would purposely spend $10 more on a bottle than on one of their competitors.

For a guides on car care and appearance tips make sure you check out our How-To Guides Section of our website. Happy motoring!

Photo of my Camaro washed with Turtle Wax Ice Wash & Wax below:

Z28 Camaro Cleaning