Fastest Canadian F-body or LS1 Cam only

What good is racing and bragging rights if no one knows who has the fastest Canadian LS1 Cam only car? So I’ve taken the time to go out and create a database compiling the fastest Cam only LS1’s we have here in Canada and broke it down into a few categories to even up the competition.

The rules are simple; for this record vehicles must be the following :

  • The vehicle must be a factory equipped F-body (3.4, 3.8, LT1, LS1) or be a factory equipped LS1 optioned vehicle and still have the LS1 installed!
  • The vehicle must be stock internals- i.e (no head work other than valve springs and pushrods, no block work, crankshaft, nitrous or forced induction modifications allowed)
  • Any intake manifold ok
  • Emissions equipment optional
  • Drag radials, slicks, and street tires all allowed
  • Suspension and transmission modifications ok
  • Modified / swapped rear end and gears ok
  • Tuning allowed
  • Must be living in Canada or Canadian- this is for the Canadian record!
  • Must be done at a race track not on the street or with an accelerometer
  • Proof of pass is needed. This can be in the form of a timeslip (with a photo of the track ID numbers on your car), a video, or some other form of legitimate proof.
  • All Forum and non-forum members welcome- if you would like to be on this list and aren’t a member on a local forum, please use the contact us page and send us an email and we’ll get you up

If you don’t fit the above criteria, please try applying for any of the other Canadian records:

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#Forum and NameVehicleEngine60'1/8 mileMPH1/4 mileMPHModificationsRace weight
(if known)

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