Racing records

There is nothing better than being able to tell someone you hold a racing record for the car you built with your own two hands. It validates the sense of accomplishment and justifies to the wife the money you needed to spend on parts. I mean, every sport has a trophy, has some kind of an award…something to show the locals or those abroad that you’ve left your mark…so keeping that in mind, we started thinking and we decided we want to create a database for the fastest muscle cars racing here in Canada. See whose top dog in a bunch of categories…give a few of the guys something to brag about and maybe create a couple of friendly rivalries come race day…

So here you have it- here are the fastest Canadian muscle cars in the country in the following categories. Each category has a list of rules that make a person eligible to qualify for each racing record:

Fastest Canadian Bolt on only F-body or Ls1

Fastest Canadian 5th/6th Gen Camaro

Fastest Canadian F-body or LS1 Cam only

Fastest Canadian LSX Anything goes

Fastest LS Swapped vehicles

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