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Camaro throttle bracket

Holesawed the throttle bracket on the camaro, plenty of strength to this thick bracket.

Throttle bracket installed

Holesawed throttle cable bracket re-installed

Alternator rear bracket

This was off the back of the alternator, I’ve never rebolted this piece to the engine block and the alternator has been fine for years, time to just remove it for good.

Camaro power steering bracket lightened

Powersteering bracket re-installed

Camaro hood latch

Camaro Hood latch with hopefully half the weight

I also removed one of the body brackets for the front sway bar. I’ll remove the other bracket sometime next week as I have my trans cooler zip-tied to it at the moment until I can relocate the cooler.

So to date following the pictures above I have removed 7lbs (and I haven’t touched the passenger side door yet). The front sway bar brackets are worth about 1.5 lbs each, so I’ll be at 8.5lbs next week. Not too bad for not a whole lot removed.

*Note that I am not counting the weight of the sway bar into this because that was removed prior to me coming up with this challenge. Can’t cheat.

I’ll update as I progress.

So I didn’t get a chance to remove the other sway bar bracket yet. But total weight reduction as of today is 13lbs. Not too shabby considering I didn’t get much done this weekend.

Camaro spare tire bracket cut off

Cutt off the bracket that would otherwise hold the spare tire in place. With no spare tire there is no need for the extra weight from this bracket. Besides, if I ever relocate the battery to the spare tire area, I’ll have a lot more room

Scraping off the sound deadner

The sound deadner was worth about 5-6lbs for everything in the hatch area. Only took a couple hours and a beer or two to remove. Little bit of heat and a gasket scraper and it cuts through this stuff like butter.

Pile of sound deadner

What a mess, what was GM thinking when they stuffed this crap on anyways?

Wiring nightmare

My electrician skills have turned under my dash into a wiring nightmare. I’m going to need to start going through all wires and shortening things up to proper lengths.

Camaro Sway Bar Bracket

Sway bar bracket and bolts. Each one of these weigh about 1.5lbs

Sway Bar Bracket Delete

Much cleaner with the sway bar brackets deleted. Maybe I have some room to put in an remote mount m90? hmmm

Camaro Cruise Control unit

Cruise control? How lazy are you, really?….delete…

Cruise control delete

How much cleaner does that look without the bulky cruise control sitting in there?

As of right now I have successfully deleted 19.25 lbs from the car. That puts me at almost the 20% mark of meeting the 100 lb goal challenge


Camaro Trunk Release weight savings

A bit of the weight reduction on the trunk release bracket. Bottom is cut out, 2 holes in the release bracket/front, 2 holes on the driver side

Camaro Trunk Bracket Swiss Cheese

keep cutting, it all adds up. The bracket is still plenty strong


Camaro panel bracket

remember these little guys? All they do is hold on a piece of plastic that weighs probably 3 lbs. Why do we need all that metal? and 3 of them per side at that?


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