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Bent exhaust valve

Not directly related to the motor blowing, but after we finished assembling the motor, we had new valve that was sticky and within 5000km the piston kissed the valve resulting in this.

3800 motor removed

Weight Savings!! This is what it looks like with the 3800 v6 motor pulled from a camaro/ F-body. Lots of room to work with, and a pretty looking stall in the background

Now, for all the new goodies.

3800 Piston

Brand New Piston to replace the one that got damaged in the second incident. Long story short, I didn’t send the heads to the machine shop after the motor blew and we missed a hairline crack in the valveguides which ended up snagging the valve, fusing it to the guide, and causing it to kiss my piston. This is the replacement piston

3800 custom camshaft

Look at the difference between the lobes from the old cam to the new cam, big difference, much more duration added

New 3.8L motor

Brand new 3.8L motor, or block rather getting prepped

Inside a 3.8L motor

This is how you know the motor you just bought only has 4,000km on it. The parts look factory brand new, no oil deposit build up, and the oil residue that is present is golden

rotating assembly

Just another look at how clean this thing was. Even the oil looked brand new! This is a shot of the crank/rotating assembly. For those of you who are knew to motors and rebuilds, your bearings are actually located under each of those bearing caps (pieces with 2 bolts holding them in place) and your oil pickup tube bolts to that hole in the top center of this picture



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