Motor Swap

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This is the engine swap. I put in a Buick Lucerne motor with 2500 miles (4000km) 3.8L series II L36 motor to replace the camaro 3800 series II motor.

First things first, Carnage!!

3.8L blown motor and spun bearing

3.8L blown motor out of the car. It spun a bearing and threw a rod. This was in the process of being stripped down and salvaging parts

3800 Big Crack in Engine Block

With a little tug on the second piece, out came the next fragment…look at that crank, totally shredded. This is what happens when you throw a rod at the block at 3200rpm

Chunks of metal in the oil pan

Here is what I found in the oil pan. Looks like we got a piston ring, part of a rod, a rod bolt and a bunch of other metal

Metal Chunks in Oil Pan

Just another picture of everything that was in the bottom of the oil pan

Damaged Piston

Looks like the Piston made contact with something…probably the valve.

Broken Rod Arm

Broken Rod Arm along with a few other chunks

Two Pieces of Engine Block that broke off

Two Pieces of the motor that broke off (the missing chunks from earlier)


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