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Continuing from page 1 with the parts and final product of the ford 8.8 rear end swap into a 96 camaro

Painted Calipers

Mine as well make the new calipers looks good while I have the chance

Rear end installed

Fit like a glove. I had no problems getting everything to line up nicely.

Side view of for 8.8 rear end

Side view of the Ford 8.8 rear end installed on the camaro

Camaro on the hoist

On the Hoist, a better picture of the rear end

Camaro Hoist side view

A nice side view of the ford 8.8 rear end and fitment…and my sloppy brake line job. It works

Leaking Ford 8.8 Bearing

BE ADVISED, this was a B.S issue I could have avoided had I known better. 3 bearings it took. Moser INSISTS you do not need an inner seal when running their sealed bearings. THIS is what happens when you do not run that $3.99 seal. Oil pushes past the inner seal of the bearing and washes out the grease. All 3 times this happened within the first few kilometers. Moser insisted that my housing was messed up. I bought $3.99 cent inner seal and it fixed all my problems. BUY THE INNER SEAL, YOU NEED IT

Sphon Torque Arm

Lastly, I suggest you install one of these. I went with the tunnel mount so that I don’t risk breaking a trans tailshaft. The way my torque arm bracket was setup on my rear end, it pushed my torque arm out an inch (I had to cut the bracket down as per Sphons instructions and use the inner part of the bracket) which is meant for aftermarket rear ends.


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