June Update

Just a quick update as to what is going on. It is going to be a crazy summer, time is flying by and there is just too much to get done.

We recently posted a few new things including a whole new section dedicated to racing records. We’re trying to get a handle on who has the fastest Canadian muscle cars, so if you think you fit in one of the categories and you want a shot at the cake err, bragging rights- check out the racing records tab.

We also just got finished up with our new ZJ Tie-Rod upgrade on the Jeep Wrangler. That is one beefy looking piece and makes the Jeep feel a lot more stable on the road!

Here is what you can look forward to in the next few updates:

  • Frame Rust prevention and maintenance
  • Swapping Jeep TJ seats
  • Jeep Grille inserts
  • Dana 44 swap coverage
  • Some new video footage of the LS1 Camaro going for a high 11 second, low 12 second pass – bolt on only…
  • A few new tuning tricks
  • An LS1 header install
  • And a whole lot more…

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