How to remove a GMC Sonoma steering knuckle

So the question came up the other day about how to remove the steering knuckle from a GMC Sonoma. Since it was my buddy trying to tackle this, and since he couldn’t find much about it on the internet- he called me over to give him a hand and I decided to create a short video and this write up to help anyone else that may be trying to do this.

What you’ll need:

  • Ratchet
  • extension
  • 1/2″ socket
  • pry bar / flat headed screwdriver
  • A pair of warm gloves if it is -15*C like it was the day we filmed this!


First thing’s first, if you follow the steering shaft (it has a piece that is long and orange on it) all the way to the front of the motor, you’ll notice a piece of black plastic covering the knuckle. This plastic piece basically keeps debris/junk from getting into the knuckle and possibly locking up your steering. Take a screw driver and carefully pry it apart (it just snaps together)

Now that you have that off, you’ll notice there is a single bolt (1/2″) holding on the knuckle. Grab your ratchet / extension / 1/2″ socket and take that bolt out.

Once this bolt is out, there is nothing other than friction holding the steering shaft in place. What you want to do is push the shaft back towards the car (as if you are trying to push it into the drivers seat). If you can’t move it that’s ok, get a long flat head screwdriver, or a nice pry bar and put it between the knuckle and that flat surface and push up, with minimal effort it will pop up and out of place (refer to the video below if you need a visual)

Once the knuckle pops up and out, you’ll want to grab the shaft and pull it towards the front of the car. It may take a little bit of wiggling, but again, with minimal effort you should be able to slide it out with ease.

Installation is the reverse of removal – make sure you torque the bolt back to spec which is 26ft lbs.

For clarification on the above, please watch the short video below showing the same step-by-step as above

Since I am adamant about sharing good information on the internet so that it makes everyone else’s life easier than my own- if you found this to be useful, please share it and help someone else!


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