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Step 8) We need to let those brake calipers dry for about 2 hours before touching them. Now we could kill some time by painting our disc brakes now (which will need to dry as well) or you could do this step while you are in the midst of painting the calipers. You choose when you want to do this step- I personally did both the calipers and the disc brakes at the same time.
Go back and get that painters tape you had earlier and begin ripping off tiny squares. Using the flat edge straight side of the tape, go all the way around the edge of your disc brakes. When I say edge here, I am referring to the last part of the shiny edge that your brake pads don’t touch where the discs tend to rust up. See the picture below for reference on how I want you to tape the disc. Make sure you tape over the entire stopping surface.

LS1 camaro disc brake paint

Step 9) Apply black caliper paint to your disc brakes (the same way you did the calipers- smooth sweeping motion). 3-4 coats should be enough, but you can add more if you feel the need is necessary.

Brake disc painted black Camaro

When you remove the tape you’re disc should come out like this- which looks way better than the previous unpainted version.

Black Camaro disc brake

Step 10) After you have waited a few hours for the paint to dry, you will need to install the brakes back on the car. Put your pads back into the calipers and install the discs back onto the wheel bearings the same way you took them off.

Camaro brakes painted

Step 11) Sit back and drool a little. Put your wheels back on and enjoy! Here are a few shots of what my Camaro looked like after I finished painting the calipers (excuse the dirty rims!!) You should wait about a week before washing the rims after painting the calipers- this will give the paint a chance to cure properly.

Camaro painted brake calipers


LS1 painted disc brakes


Step 12) If you found this useful and you know someone else trying to paint their brakes, share this with them! Facebook, tumblr, pintrest, car forums etc. As always, if you have a question or concern, please use our contact us page and shoot us a message.


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