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Alright so on Page 1 you completed step 1 and compiled yourself a list of potential sponsors. Now you need to create a package to reach out to each of the companies you’ve selected. I advise that you do a little bit of research on every company you’ve selected and make some notes that you can leverage yourself on. Now you’ll be ready to start piecing your package together.

2. Introduction and Executive Summary

I have this pegged as the 2nd step as this should be at the beginning of your Sponsorship package, however, word of advice, this should be the very last thing you write as you will be summarizing the rest of your document here, and you can’t summarize something you haven’t written! So feel free to come back to this step at the very end.

What you want to do here is introduce yourself:

  • Have your contact information – Name, phone number, email.
  • Give a short explanation of who you are and why you are seeking to get a sponsorship for your vehicle. How are you a good fit with the mission and values of the company? Are they a homegrown company that wants to stand behind enthusiasts from their home town? Why are you a benefit to them? Keep this short and sweet. You don’t want to go into great details in this portion, this is just meant as a “taste” for what is to come in the latter of your package.
  • Summarize some facts that are upcoming in your package – for instance, what is your total reach? (I’ll elaborate on this in #3). Don’t bore them with a breakdown of small numbers here- throw out the biggest number (without lying) so you grab their attention. If you’re reach is going to be 20,000 people total “seeing” your car per year? – say that.
  • State your ideal ask – Is it going to be money or aftermarket parts, or a combination of both? Whatever it is, state the value figure and briefly what it will cover. I.e- if you are asking for money, what is it going to pay for?
  • State that you are willing to let them use your vehicle as an advertising outlet in exchange for their support.
  • End your summary with a sentence or two that prompts a synergy between their brand and your vehicle that captures their attention.

Be sure to keep your summary short and sweet. It should just highlight the content in your package and make them want to read more- but if you put too much information here it will work the opposite way and they won’t waste their time and ultimately toss it in the trash.

3. State Your Potential

Here is your chance to shine and pump up your own tires. In this section you want to outline everything you have to offer and you should sell yourself in any way possible. Start thinking along the lines of you are now a player of a sports team… You’ll want to make sure you outline any goals you have here as well (if you have any). For me personally I would state that I am aiming to be the fastest LS1 bolt on only F-body in Canada – stuff like that is important if you are truly aiming for it.

  • What are your stats? Do you take your car to the race track? Even Amateur Test and Tune nights? How often? What is the average attendance at those events?
    • Example: Maybe you race at 3 test and tunes a year but maybe those events take place at the track the same time “Pinks Arm Drop” events happen (or others). Research what the Average attendance was at the racetrack you attend for the previous year. State in this section that you plan to let’s say attend 3 Test and Tune events that coincide with the Pinks Arm Drop events. Let’s say those events average 15,000 people in attendance per event (hypothetically). If you can’t find this info, email the race track, they’ll more than likely be able to tell you. 
      There you go- your potential right now is a visual reach of 45,000 people (15k x 3 events) just based on going to those 3 Test and Tune events and running your car for fun. Make sure you tell them that you plan to be at the event for the duration of the day so that they are aware that spectators who are walking around will see your vehicle and their advertising more so than when you just make a pass down the track.
  • But it doesn’t stop at race days- Do you or your buddies film your car at the race track and put it on Youtube? How many views does your Youtube channel get with your races? 5000 a month? add that to the reach that you get from your days at the race track. Now you’re reaching 50,000 people a year outside of daily driving? (for example).
  • Do you have a website that follows your build? What about Facebook pictures? Instagram Pictures? Pintrest? Twitter? Break down what your follower and or page views are of your car over any websites or social media and add that into the mathematics of your numbers.
  • How many car forums do you belong to? Are you posting your material on the car forums? Pictures? Videos? – Make sure they are aware of your reach
  • Do you attend any car shows / car meets? How many people attend those specific ones? add that up!
  • All of these outlets that sees people viewing your car whether it is video, social media, website or race track related are all 100% in the target market of the companies you are approaching. Chances are if people on Youtube are watching your race videos, they probably race / modify their vehicle themselves as well and need aftermarket parts! These companies want to reach those viewers- help them do it!

I think as you begin crunching numbers you’ll find that even if you are just a guy / girl that goes out and has fun with their vehicle but attends events, your reach is big enough that you’ll step back and wow yourself.

Here is some more food for thought- next time you are at the race track on a test and tune night, take a look around the race track at the walls and all the advertising. Now think about this- some of those advertisers will buy ad space for specific events like “Pinks” and they will spend big bucks on it. If you’re going to those events and have sponsor branding on your vehicle, they know they can pay you a fraction of what they are paying the race track and get a good level of exposure. It’s a win / win for them and you. The only thing stopping them is, they don’t have an outlet to you – they don’t know you or what you can bring to the table unless you seek them out and tell them.

Make sure you end this section outlining how their company will benefit from the exposure you provide. If you have access to any demographical stats (which is much harder to obtain if not in some cases impossible) this will only help further strengthen your ask.


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