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Step 4) with the frame completely dry, get your first can of rust reformer and begin applying it to the frame. If you use the same stuff I did, you’ll notice in the instructions that you will need to apply 2 coats in order for this stuff to be effective. You need to wait 2-3 hours between those coats and then 24 hours from that to let it cure before you can apply the undercoating to it. Unfortunately during this wait time, I don’t suggest your drive it much if at all. I used a total of 2.5 cans on the first coat and 2.5 cans on the second coat making my way around the entire vehicle. This included spraying my axles which I opted to do at this time as well (I opted to paint the front and rear axles after rather than apply undercoat, you can find my write-up for that shortly). Keep in mind, this stuff sprays on clear, if the area looks wet, you’ve successfully applied it- no need to cake it on; you want even coats of this stuff as much as possible.

Rust Reformer on Wrangler Frame

Rust Reformer Sprayed on Wrangler Frame

It already looks a lot cleaner. Here is a shot of the front frame passenger side.

Rust repair TJ front frame

Rust reformer applied to the front frame

Step 5) after waiting 24 hours for the 2nd coat of rust reformer to dry you are ready to apply the asphalt undercoat. Again you want to apply this in light coats to give it the opportunity to dry and harden. Spray light even coats across the frame and if you need more in an area, come back to it after you have gone around the vehicle and sprayed everything else- this will give the undercoat time to dry and harden properly. You’ll want to hold off on driving the vehicle for at least a few hours after you have finished spraying, and I wouldn’t do any offroading for at least 24 hours after applying the undercoat. The last thing you want is muck to be stuck to your frame permanently.

Remember that gas tank skid plate that was all rusty and junk looking? Looks almost brand new now… side note, I did the rear axle as well – except instead of the undercoat I used a rust paint after using the rust reformer. I’ll post the write up on restoring the rear end shortly!Rubber coated TJ frame

The back frame driver side rear- all the wire wheel scratches cleaned up, rust has been locked up and covered and it has stood up perfect for over a year now

Frame Repaired

Here is the front frame done. I actually sprayed the swaybar as well with the rust reformer, but then I painted it black rather than covering it in undercoating.

Front Frame fixed

Front Frame Fixed Up

This is after winter time and spending a ton of time caked in salt, slush, snow and mud (because I still offroad in the winter months) I took it to the local car wash and power washed it down not knowing what to expect- held up perfect just like the day I sprayed the rust reformer on.

Rust Reformer after winter

Rust Reformer after winter

This is the passenger side that I left non rubberized to see how the rust reformer would hold up to the mud, salt, slush, etc on its own. Still looks perfect, no additional rust formations anywhere and there are areas with bare metal there. I want to note to that I had rust on my fenders (that I didn’t spray) and the rust spots were noticeably larger after winter- I mean there was an area that actually had eaten itself entirely through the fenders and left a hole as a result of the salty winter (which is why I ended up installing flat fenders which I will cover as an install in another article later). So to say I am impressed with this stuff is an understatement and for $5 a can? That’s cheaper than 1 Canadian beer at the bar…crazy!

Rust Reform Jeep Wrangler TJ

Rust Reformer holding up after winter

Now sit back and enjoy the new look- it looks professionally done and gives you protection from your frame rotting out on your for years to come and best of all, you did it for under $100 (assuming you have / or can borrow the basic tools needed to complete this). I personally think doing this also increases the value of your vehicle as it looks well maintained and maintains a new like appearance.

Don’t forget to spread the word so we can keep a few more of the older cars on the road a little bit longer. Share the knowledge on your car forums, Facebook, twitter, Pin it, etc and hopefully we can keep a few more vehicles out of the Junkyards for a few more years! If you have any questions use our Contact us page to get a hold of us.

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