Is car insurance about to write your car off?

Car Insurance is about to write your car off and you’re about to take a nice hit to the pocket book because more times than not, they are going to pay out less than what you would actually pay to replace the car. Now your head is ready to explode with stress of thinking about car payments, how you’ll get to work and why this had to happen to you.

Good News! After having some massive tree branches at the front of the house fall on our vehicles (twice in 2 months) and write off two of our cars with the auto insurance company – I decided that I would write an article on what you should know when car insurance is writing off your car so that you can get the maximum value for your car and best avoid going out of pocket money to replace it. Read it, bookmark it, share it and keep it in a safe place…you never know when something might happen or a major incident like Hurricane Harvey in Texas might come along. Stay safe and knowledgeable out there!

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