Amsoil Synthetic Oil

Do you need synthetic oil for your car/truck or snowmobile? Visit our Site Sponsor Amsoil’s site here to see what kind of oil is suitable for your vehicle. On their site you will find a guide that will help you determine what the best synthetic oil is for the demands of your vehicle.

Right now you can purchase your synthetic oil for wholesale costs by registering as a preferred customer here. Wholesale cost is 25% less than the price advertised.

With the winter weather upon us, Amsoil also carries oil to meet the needs of your snowmobiles. They offer the finest synthetic oil when it comes to sleds and offer 3- different types of 2-stroke oils to suit your performancejunkie needs.

For their standard 2-stroke HP Synthetic oil Click Here

For their performance 2-stroke Interceptor oil Click Here

For their Racing 2-stroke Dominator oil Click Here

Remember that by becoming a preferred customer you can save yourself almost $30 off a case of 12 quarts of 2-stroke sled oil. Check out our sponsors today. For any questions, contact us through our contact page

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