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Continuing with the videos…

Video of me racing a truck. I messed up the burnout, accidently hit 2nd gear start on the camaro and didnt realize it. I ran the race with it on to and turned a 13.5. Rookie mistake, but I guess that’s what happens when you havent been to the track in a few years.

Dyno Day at Steeda on a Mustang Dyno. The camaro put down 239.1rwhp and 208rwtq. The pull was to 6200rpm but the cam was still making good power.

This is a video from back in 2010 versus an infinity G35. I ran a 13.6. This was the same day the motor spun a bearing.


This is a video from back in 2010 against some old school muscle. The car wouldn’t shift out of 2nd gear, so at about 0:35 I let out and coasted the rest of the track

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