Go Fast Parts

Collection of Go Fast Parts that have been put into the 3800 v6 Camaro over the past few years.

bare heads

Both 3800 Heads right before they went out to be port and polished, at the time these were 105# springs (now upgraded to 130# for the new cam) and some manley valves in the background

3800 heads

These heads had actually already been started on a mild port and polish by the guy I got them off of. I believe he started these as a project in shop class. He sent me some pictures and some flow numbers and everything looked good, so I nabbed them and sent them off to the machine shop over here and had them fully finished.

manley valves

Now we’re getting serious. Manley valves, 1.90″ intake and 1.57″ exhaust valves. Out of the 3 companies that I know of that make valves for these cars (zzp, SI and Manley) these are the largest valves. You wanna go fast, that motors gotta breathe


Valvesprings, brand new and waiting for installation

test fit

test fit to see how the heads would look like when assembled

3800 camshaft

Fast forward time for this one. This is a comparison between the Abbott Racing (ARH) cam on the left, and my brand new custom cam on the right. Big Difference.

3800 performance cam

ARH cam on the left, brand new custom cam on the right. You can also see the spun keyway on the old cam

Double Roller Timing Chain

I bought the Rollmaster Double Roller timing chain kit, swapped off the chain, and put on a Cloyes double chain instead as they are known to be stronger and more reliable than the double rollers that many people in the 3800 community have had problems with.

Timing Chain Sprocket

If you are doing a double roller timing chain, stop right here! Do not proceed any further until after you have read, understand and complete this process. Go out and grab your new sprocket for your double roller timing chain, now go and pickup the sprocket that just came off of your stock chain. Flip them both around as shown in this picture. Take a good hard long look at that chamfer on the inner portion of the sprocket. 9.99 times out of 10, your stock one does not exactly match the new double roller timing chain one. THIS IS A PROBLEM and it is evident with all double rollers for our motors. This is the exact reason why so many people have had failures with double rollers on the 3800 engine. You need to take both sprockets into a machine shop and have them cut this chamfer into the new sprocket. If you don’t, what happens is the chain does not fully seat (use some blue and you’ll see). What then happens as you drive around with your higher pressure springs and bigger cam is the pressures are put more so onto one chain until that chain is overloaded, stretches and breaks. We have interference motors, when that chain breaks you can almost count on your pistons and valves making sweet love to one another. If you’re lucky, they’ll just bend, if they break, your motors trashed. Save yourself a motor and a headache.

QA1 camaro Shocks

Finally picked up some QA1 shocks/springs. The front end of the car was sitting up way to high after the K-frame and A-arm install. I think these also save about 1lb of weight or so each.

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