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About me – Racing and off-roading- but where to start? I’m a big car guy at heart. My hobby and passion is working on and modifying vehicles, but I started with no experience in the field. I’m not a mechanic; everything I have learned has been through readings on car forums, getting a helping hand from buddies and through my own trial and error.

I have a thing for paying attention to details and wanting to build things right the first time, and well, once…I hate doing a job over again because I didn’t think something through.

For a guy who isn’t a mechanic, I’ve managed to build Canada’s fastest all motor N/A v6 F-body, I’m looking for the same record with my LS1 and I’ve just started to get into the realm of off-roading…so we’ll see where that takes me.

If you are interested in any of my 3 builds, click on the below pictures / links to find out more about them. Otherwise, take a look over at our “how-to guide” section to see if we can help you with any do it yourself projects.

LS1 camaro build



LS1 Camaro Build





Drag Racing Burnout



3800 Camaro Build





Jeep TJ log climb



Jeep Wrangler TJ Build





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  1. mike
    November 5, 2014 at 11:51 pm

    Mike any parts left over from the 3800 and is your new car LS powered

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